Sassy Fat Bitch. My name is Kwame and I like boys out of my league and fruit.


Fuck the sadness out of me please.






These cats have no fucking idea what is happening.

Oh my god.

Those poor cats and omg I can’t breathe at all.

this is 10% evil and 90% hilarious

this has so many notes but i bet most of those people don’t know this is MEG, who is wonderful


I wish viagra commercials were as embarrassing as pad/tampon commercials. A bunch of guys coming up to their friend saying “hey buddy, we’re going to get some chicks and get laid, wanna come with” and this guy crosses his legs and puts his hands in his lap and whispers “I can’t” and then they all laugh and give him some pills and then this guy can poledance in a tram or a bus on the way to the beach, that sort of thing, I want to see that.

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